Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4009

He was beginning to suspect that Chen Ping was not a disciple recruited by Elder Yu at all, but rather a high ranking person who had been invited from the outside, and then broke through the formation and helped the old Sect Master destroy the demonic souls!

And the reason why Chen Ping appeared to be only at the fourth rank of the Transition Realm must have been to hide his strength from being discovered as well!

“Damn, fell for it, so they’ve been plotting to heal the old sect master for a long time.”

Huo Yuan Ting gritted his teeth, feeling that he had been duped!

“Those who are able to pass through the layers of formations and still destroy the demonic souls are by no means idle, I’m sure that this time when the Divine Volcano is opened, Sect Master Huo won’t necessarily be able to get the Divine Flame Seal.”

“The other party has obviously invited experts, plus your old Sect Master has come out, do you think you still have a chance to sit on the Sect Master’s seat?”

Elder Tu asked to Huo Yuanting!

Huo Yuan Ting fell silent, of course he knew that he wouldn’t have a chance if the old Sect Master came out, not to mention that the other party had premeditated a long time ago!

After a moment of contemplation, Huo Yuan Ting looked at Elder Tu and asked, “Speak, what do you guys want?”

“Of course I want to follow Sect Master Huo and co-operate.”

“We’ll help Sect Master Huo remove the obstacles so that you can get the Divine Flame Seal and sit in this Sect Master’s position.”

“Of course Sect Master Huo will also have to take out a portion of the Divine Flame Mountain’s resources, allowing our Ghost Face Sect to live within the Purple Flame Sect!”

Elder Tu spoke out their Ghostface Sect’s conditions!

“Allow me to think about it ……”

Huo Yuan Ting frowned slightly!

If he agreed, it would be the same as inviting the wolf into the house, and maybe after a long time, the entire Violet Flame Sect would become the Ghostface Sect!

By then, even the Divine Volcano would have become a place of resources for the Ghostface Sect!

“I can give Sect Master Huo time to think about it, but I’m afraid that the old Sect Master’s lineage won’t give you time.”

“With the ones you left behind, I don’t think they’ll be able to resist for much longer.”

Elder Tu said!

Huo Yuan Ting also knew that he was only stalling for time by leaving a part of him behind to stop Elder Yu and the others!

After he entered the Divine Volcano and got the Divine Flame Seal, he wouldn’t be afraid anymore!

So he didn’t leave too many people with strength behind!

Most of them were brought to the Divine Volcano, after all, finding the Divine Flame Seal was the main thing!

But now, with the sudden appearance of a river of lava blocking the way, and learning that the old Sect Master had recovered, Huo Yuan Ting’s heart had long been in turmoil!

“Alright, I promise you!”

Huo Yuanting finally clenched his teeth and agreed!

“Hahaha, Sect Master Huo this is the wise move, even your son is a member of our Ghostface Sect, we’ll be a family by then, we can still communicate with each other.”

That Elder Tu laughed out loud!

“Don’t forget what you said, help me get the Divine Flame Seal and be right this Sect Master.”

“Now I need to get through this magma river before I can do that, and the people who are blocking the old Sect Master’s lineage.”

Huo Yuanting said!

“This is nothing, if I can come, I can definitely help you ……”

After that Elder Tu finished speaking, he reached out and plucked off his ghost face, tossing it with his hand!

The ghost face suddenly grew larger in mid-air, as if it was a flying boat suspended in mid-air!

At the same time, Elder Tu’s scarred face was exposed!

“Now you guys can go up and fly over that magma river, as for the disciples of the old sect master’s lineage, I’ll just deal with them.”

Elder Tu said!

When Huo Yuan Ting saw this, he nodded and led a leap above that ghost face!

Only to see that Elder Tu strike out a black mist, which held up the ghost face and headed towards the other side of the magma river!

After seeing Huo Yuanting and the others leave and reach the other side of the river, the corners of Elder Tu’s mouth lifted!

How could the Ghostface Sect be hosted under another sect, now was only the first step!

Sooner or later, they would replace the Purple Flame Sect and completely occupy the Divine Volcano!

At this time, Elder Yu and the others had also defeated all the people from Huo Yuan Ting’s lineage who had stayed behind, and that Elder Tian was no match for Elder Yu and was defeated!

Because they were all disciples of the Purple Flame Sect, they didn’t fight to the death, and apart from some of them being injured, their lives weren’t in danger!