Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4008

But just as Huo Yuan Ting was about to make his move, what appeared were surprisingly dozens of people with ghostly faces!

The auras of these people were all very strong, especially the leader, who exuded the aura of the Mahayana Realm!

“Ghost Face Sect? How did you guys show up here?”

Huo Yuan Ting’s expression instantly became tense when he saw the people coming!

This Ghostface Sect was also a major sect in the Central Region, and it also cultivated to fire, only that the Ghostface Sect was a demonic cultivator!

All along, the Purple Flame Sect followed the Ghost Face Sect and fought constantly, both wanting to compete for the right to use the Divine Volcano!

After all, there are items dropped by the Fire Spirit Star Sovereign here, not to mention that by guarding the Divine Volcano, one can also borrow the flames of the Divine Volcano itself to enhance one’s strength!

It was only that the Ghost Face Sect, being a demonic cultivator, was suppressed by all the major sects at every turn, so they simply couldn’t fight the Purple Flame Sect!

In the end, the Ghostface Sect could only disappear and hide!

Now that the Ghostface Sect had suddenly appeared near the Divine Volcano and so many people had come, it had to make Huo Yuan Ting become nervous!

“Sect Master Huo, you don’t need to be nervous, we’re already family.”

The leading member of that Ghostface Sect said slowly!

“What are you babbling about? Who is family with you?”

Huo Yuan Ting snorted coldly!

“Hahaha, whether it’s a family or not, you can ask your son.”

That Ghost Face Sect member laughed out loud!

Huo Yuan Ting looked towards Huo Dong, while Huo Dong walked straight to that Ghost Face Sect member and respectfully said, “Disciple Huo Dong, pay my respects to Elder Tu ……”

At this moment, everyone looked at Huo Dong in shock!

Even Huo Yuanting was filled with surprise!

Although he knew that his son had cultivated the Devil Technique and had refined the Devil Race’s Supreme Fire, he had never imagined that Huo Dong had joined the Devil Race and become a member of the Ghost Face Sect!

“Huo Dong, do you know what you are doing?”

Huo Yuan Ting glared angrily at Huo Dong and questioned!

“Father, of course I know, back then, the old Sect Master expelled me from the Purple Flame Sect, and if it wasn’t for the Ghost Face Sect taking me in, I would have died long ago.”

“Now that I am in control of the three types of Supreme Flames, and my strength has even reached the peak of the Transition Realm, what’s wrong with that?”

“There’s also the demonic soul that you used, which was actually provided by the Ghost Face Sect, otherwise where would I have found a demonic soul for you to make the old Sect Master go crazy.”

Huo Dong said to Huo Yuan Ting!

When Huo Yuan Ting heard this, his expression became complicated, fortunately all the disciples from his lineage were here and no one would say anything!

If Elder Yu and the rest of them were all here and knew that he was the one who had harmed the old Sect Master with his Demonic Soul, they would definitely put up a fight!

However, Gu Tianzhao on the side was also surprised after hearing this, only he pretended not to hear it!

After all, this was an internal matter of the Purple Flame Sect, he couldn’t care less and didn’t want to, as long as he could get benefits from the Purple Flame Sect!

“Sect Master Huo, I’ve come to tell you something as well, your old Sect Master is now out of the control of the Demon Soul, and the Demon Soul that we provided has already died out.”

That Elder Tu slowly said to Huo Yuanting!

“What? Impossible, could it be that he wiped out the demonic soul himself?”

Huo Yuanting was a little less than convinced!

He had seen it a few days ago, and the old Sect Master was crazy, it wasn’t like he was faking it at all!

“It wasn’t that he wiped out the demonic soul by himself, but someone else helped to make the demonic soul be wiped out.”

Elder Tu shook his head and said!

“How is that possible? Who could go in through the layers of formations?”

Huo Yuan Ting frowned, he really couldn’t figure out what kind of person was it that was able to go through the layers of formations, meet the old Sect Master, and also destroy the demonic souls within the old Sect Master’s body?

Suddenly, Huo Yuanting seemed to have thought of something!

He remembered the formation being activated suddenly, when Elder Yu’s newly recruited disciple was present!

After associating it with Elder Yu’s newly recruited disciple, who had defeated Liu Shitong with a single strike, Huo Yuanting’s eyes narrowed slightly!