Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4007

Seeing that the formation had opened a gap, Wei Qing then led the crowd to swarm forward!
But just as they rushed forward, a white light flashed, followed by a terrifying force that sent the crowd all flying!
“Hahaha, this formation has been strengthened by the elders of the Two Yi Sect, how could it be broken so easily.”
An elder from Huo Yuan Ting’s lineage laughed out loud!

Huo Yuan Ting had actually been on the defensive for a long time, he knew that there was a possibility that that Elder Cui would favour the old Sect Master’s side, so after Gu Tian Chao arrived, he had him strengthen the formation!
When Zhu Ling saw this, her brows instantly furrowed, the formation disc in her hand could only break the spell formation laid down by Elder Cui, if there was another spell formation laid down by someone else, she didn’t have the ability to break it!
Originally, she didn’t know anything about formations, relying solely on the formation disc given by Elder Cui!
“What can we do?” Zhu Ling was at a bit of a loss!

“Senior sister, let me break the formation!”
Chen Ping walked up at this time and said!
“You?” Zhu Ling froze, “You know the art of formations?”
One must know that when Zhu Ling brought Chen Ping to meet the old Sect Master, Chen Ping had always pretended to know nothing and obediently followed behind!

How is it that he now knew the art of formations?
Chen Ping just smiled and did not say anything, instead he walked forward and gently pressed his palm on top of that formation!
However, in an instant, the originally unbreakable spell formation directly shattered like an eggshell and then completely disappeared!
Seeing Chen Ping break the formation so simply, Zhu Ling was dumbfounded!
Everyone else was also dumbfounded, no one expected Chen Ping to know the art of formations, and by the looks of it, the level was very high!

“Senior sister, Junior Brother’s art of formation is afraid that it is not below that Elder Cui’s.”
Wei Qing stepped forward and said to Zhu Ling!
It was only at this moment that Zhu Ling realised that not only was Chen Ping’s strength high, but his formation arts were also so powerful!

At this moment, Zhu Ling’s heart was even more throbbing!
“What are you waiting for, kill ……”
Chen Ping glanced at Zhu Ling and then raised his arm!
For a while, the killing sounds shook the sky, and the spiritual energy continuously collided and bombarded!
The heavens and earth were like the end of the world for a while, and the entire void trembled!
While the Old Sect Master’s lineage and Huo Yuanting’s lineage were fighting, Huo Yuanting had already arrived at the foot of the Divine Volcano with Huo Dong and the others!

However, at the foot of the Divine Volcano Mountain, a river about a hundred feet wide and flowing with magma blocked the way!
Looking at the river of magma in front of him, Huo Yuan Ting’s brows furrowed.
“What is this situation? How did a river suddenly appear?”

Huo Yuan Ting had also been to the Divine Volcano and had not seen this magma river before, and now that such a river had suddenly appeared, it made him very puzzled!
“Father, could it be that the magma underneath the Divine Volcano is bubbling up, so a river has formed?”
“This kind of river, we can just fly over it with a single leap, there’s no need to be afraid.”
Huo Dong said!

However, just as Huo Dong was about to leap up, he was directly stopped by Huo Yuan Ting!
“Don’t be reckless.” After Huo Yuan Ting finished speaking, he looked at the Purple Flame Sect disciple on the side and then said, “You go over there first ……”

“Yes!” Although that Purple Flame Sect disciple was also scared, there was nothing he could do!
Only to see that Purple Flame Sect disciple take a long leap, and as his body passed above the river, it unexpectedly burst into flames instantly, accompanied by a miserable scream, and fell into the river!
Seeing this scene, that Huo Dong’s face instantly became unsightly!
Huo Yuan Ting, on the other hand, had a frown on his face, he did not expect that the Divine Volcano had opened up, yet a roadblock river suddenly appeared!

Just as Huo Yuan Ting was somewhat at a loss for words, suddenly dozens of auras unexpectedly came towards them in a hurry!
“Bad, are these guys arriving so quickly?”

Huo Yuanting thought that it was Elder Yu and the others who had come to block them from entering the Divine Volcano!