Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4009

He was beginning to suspect that Chen Ping was not a disciple recruited by Elder Yu at all, but rather a high ranking person who had been invited from the outside, and then broke through the formation and helped the old Sect Master destroy the demonic souls! And the reason why Chen Ping appeared to … Read more

Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4008

But just as Huo Yuan Ting was about to make his move, what appeared were surprisingly dozens of people with ghostly faces! The auras of these people were all very strong, especially the leader, who exuded the aura of the Mahayana Realm! “Ghost Face Sect? How did you guys show up here?” Huo Yuan Ting’s … Read more

Phoenix Among Men Chapter 4007

Seeing that the formation had opened a gap, Wei Qing then led the crowd to swarm forward! But just as they rushed forward, a white light flashed, followed by a terrifying force that sent the crowd all flying! “Hahaha, this formation has been strengthened by the elders of the Two Yi Sect, how could it … Read more